Wiccan Ways

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Earth my body,
Water my blood,
Air my breath,
And Fire my spirit.

Basic Study & Foundations


Ways of the Wicca

What is Wicca?

Wiccan Branches of Tradition

Wicca for Beginners

A Witch's Daily Affirmation

Charge of the Goddess

Charge of the God

Wheel of the Year

Invocation vs. Evocation

 - Evocation of the Witch

 - Invocation of the Goddess

What Witches Do: The Esbats


Rules of Conduct
The Wiccan Rede (Short)
The Wiccan Rede (Full)
The Witches' Creed
Karma, The Three Fold Law, & Grace


Ritual Tools
How to Setup an Altar
The Athame
The Wand
Woods: Their Types and Uses
The Pendulum


Archived Workshops
Cord Magic 101
Herb Magic
 - Herbal Correspondences
Color Magick
 - Color Associations Chart at a Glance
Days of the Week Magick
Basic Spell Construction
Using Essential Oils in Spell Casting
Magical Properties of Herbal Essential Oils
Nature Spirit Magick
Animal Totems
Timing the Magical Operation
Relatives as Guides














Wheel of the Year


How Do I Pronounce the Sabbats?
Color Symbolism for Sabbats
Yule - December 21
  - Winter Solstice Wishing Candle
Imbolc - February 1st
  - Imbolc Spell
  - Dream Tending Spell

Ostara - March 20
  - A Spell of Reawakening
Beltane - May 1st
  - Beltane Binding Spell
  - Beltane Fertility Spell
  - May Day Spell
Litha (Midsummer) - June 21st
  - Litha Ritual
  - Fairy Spells
Lughnasadh (Lammas) August 1st
 - Lammas Ritual
 - Lammas Bounty Spell
Mabon - September 21st
 - Season of the Witch
 - Fall Equinox Spell
 - Autumn Blessing
Samhain (Halloween) October 31st
 - A Time For Divination and Communication
 - Candle Ritual
 - Food for the Dead
 - Simple Ritual to Receive Answers from the Dead
 - Pumpkin Carving Ritual
 - Hallowe’en Barm Brack
 - Samhain Ritual for Divination & New Beginnings