Organic Herbs & Spices

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Support sustainable agriculture by purchasing organic herbs and spices. When you buy organic -- whether online, at the grocery store or the local farmer's market -- you help to improve not only your own health but that of the planet and organic farmers throughout the world.

  • Sustainable Organic Farming

  • Certified Organic Processor

  • Kosher Certified Facility

  • Ethically Wildcrafted and Harvested Plants

  • Fair Trade

  • Member United Plant Savers (UPS)

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Herbs provide us with nutritional properties, natural healing qualities and, of course, fresh flavor in our favorite culinary dishes. Because the majority of herbs you'll find in this section are USDA Certified Organic, they're also suitable for use in making tinctures, massage oils, soap, products for hair and skin and other cosmetics.

What soothes the soul better than a cup of tea? Choose from organic and fair trade white, green and black teas, chai, matcha, Essaic tea and functional tea blends formulated to meet specific needs. You'll also find pre-filled tea bags to make sun or iced tea (half gallon) as well as individual servings.

Essential oils represent the essence of a plant and may be extracted from the leaf, flower, seed, fruit, bark, root or a combination of these. Use them in aromatherapy, massage work and to add scent and therapeutic properties to soaps, skin lotions, serums and other cosmetics.

Herbs contain phytochemicals that protect them from disease, and we can harness these therapeutic agents to enhance our natural beauty and help our skin to resist damage from oxidation and ultraviolet light. Everything you need to make your own skin care products, massage oils, bath oils, bath salts and more is here.

Careful blending of dried herbs and spices creates magic in the kitchen. Find your favorite seasoning here, from Mediterranean Seafood Rub and Moroccon Tandori to Jamaican Jerk and Garam Marsala. Many of the offerings here are organic, and some are salt-free for those monitoring their sodium intake.

Pure herbal extracts, tinctures, herbal extract supplement formulas and natural flavoring extracts made from the highest quality raw botanical materials sourced from environmentally responsible farmers.