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Online Herbal Study Courses

Provided by The Herbal Academy of New England


Have you always wanted to learn how to work with herbs for wisdom and healing, but never seem to find time to attend a class?


If that sounds like you, then we have some good news! You can enjoy a multi-media learning experience and receive professional  instruction and guidance from a team of qualified clinical practitioners who are just as passionate about helping you to achieve your goal as you are. Best of all, you can study at your own pace from virtually anywhere in the world.


Are you new to the world of herbalism, or do you already have some working knowledge of using herbs for food and medicine? Browse the course descriptions below to help you to decide which online herbal study course is right for you...

The Introductory Herbal Course
This 6-Unit course covers the basics of making herbal teas, tinctures, syrups and other kitchen remedies, as well as how to make salves, balms and other body care recipes. Learn more about this course.
The Intermediate Herbal Course
This 10-Unit course covers theory and energetics, provides in-depth coverage of physiology and guidance for herbal formulation. Learn more about this course.

The Advanced Herbal Course
This 14-unit program is designed for students with a working knowedge of the medicinal properties of herbs who are working toward a career as a professional herbalist. Learn more about this course.


Herbalist Path Packages

When you bundle multiple programs together at a discount, you'll save time and money on your herbal education. Choose from Clinical Herbalist, Entrepreneur Herbalist, Professional Herbalist or Family Herbalist. Learn more about each path.


Herbal Short Course Collection

These programs are designed to dive in deep into specific herbal topics such as
foraging and wildcrafting, crafting herbal ferments, and creating an herbal materia medica.
Learn more about these courses.

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