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Natural Health, Natural Living

Enjoy & share this selection of books and articles that promote sustainable living while healing ourselves and the Earth.

These titles are available for purchase from Amazon

The Naturally Clean Home, 2nd Edition

With the second edition of this popular book comes a host of hard-working new recipes, including Rosemary-Geranium Floor Wipes for electrostatic floor mops, Thyme to Make Your Own Carpet Steamer, Weekend Warrior Wicker Wash, Telephone Dirty Talk Tamer, Clear the Air Room Spritzer, and Lavender Lift Automatic Dishwasher Soap.

Happy Baby, Happy You: Quick Tips for Nurturing, Pampering, and Bonding with Your Baby

Hundreds of fun and easy ways to focus on the bliss of bonding with a new infant. Also included are recipes and formulas for nutritious baby foods, nontoxic lotions and cleansers, and homeopathic remedies for minor irritations.



How to Make Herbal Cosmetics

Kindle Book

Learn how to make natural cosmetics - from facial scrubs and cleansers to moisturizers and even your own perfume!

Herbal Breads & Spreads


Kindle Book

An herb lover’s guide to unusual breads, cakes, cookies, jams, jellies, sauces, sandwich spreads, and salsas.

A Modern Guide to Medicinal Herbs


Kindle Book

More than 50 herbs listed, with each entry featuring information about the plant's history, medicinal uses, and chemical constituents.




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