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Herb Profiles

For centuries, the leaves, flowers and roots of plants have been used for medicine in traditional systems of healing throughout the world. Herbs owe their healing properties to volatile oils, glycosides and other phytochemicals that exert antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, tumor-inhibiting qualities and other properties. We owe many of our modern pharmaceuticals to herbs, either because they have provided a model of mechanism or directly contribute one or more chemical components. Some herbs are considered adaptogenic, meaning that they support optimal functioning of various systems to help the body cope with stress. Every plant tells a different story...

Herb Information - Herb Profiles

“A life of retreat offers various joys; none, I think, will compare with the time one employs in the study of herbs, or in striving to gain some practical knowledge of nature’s domain.”


-- Abbot Walafrid Strabo (808-849 CE)

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