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Evocation vs. Invocation

These are common 'buzzwords' that one may encounter when it comes to the Craft, but there is a clear distinction between them. To invoke means to call for the presence of a deity or energy of positive influence, perhaps to guard and strengthen a ritual or spell working. To evoke, on the other hand, means to call upon and draw from the energy within oneself.


For example...


Evocation of the Witch


I am one with the universe,

I am no-thing and I am everything.

I am the stars and the moon

the seas and the storms

the breath of life

the alchemical change

the living and the dead

I am!


I am the power and the joy.

I am the spirit that dances.

I am the magick and the priest

the witch and the sorceress

the angels and the elements



I am!


I am the past, the present and the future,

I am the void

and I am the manifestation of my desire.

I am!



Invocation of the Goddess


I call thee down, O my great Queen

to enter my body

and commune with my spirit.

Be with me now as I fulfill my destiny

and work magick

in accordance with your will.

So mote it be!




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