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The Athame

The athame is a double-edged knife used to inscribe, or cast, the circle of power onto the earth or floor (and never for cutting, such as harvesting herbs).  It is associated with the element of fire, and it represents strength, power, and the masculine forces of nature.  Since the athame is a weapon, it also has the power to subdue and banish rebellious entities or spirits.

In magick, the athame is used for directing personal power and to focus energy in a desired direction.  The athame also regulates, as well as conducts, the flow of internal expression toward the desired destination during magickal operations.

Consecration of the Athame

Items needed:  Athame, small bowl of water with 3 pinches of salt added; one white candle; one black candle; sandalwood incense.

One the night of the full moon, place the above items on your altar or small table.  Light both of the candles and the incense.  Relax and focus on the athame.  Pass the athame blade and handle through the flame of the black candle as you say:

All negative thoughts be banished, all unwanted vibrations be gone.

Now pass the athame blade and handle through the flame of the white candle as you say:

Let only the forces and powers I wish be within this from this moment on.

Pass the athame through the smoke of the incense, through the flame of the white candle flame, and then sprinkle with salt water as you say:

Elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth.
To this tool of the magick now give birth.
Blessed and consecrated in this hour,
Be thou athame of strength and power.

Wrap the athame in a red silk cloth and keep in a safe place.  Only use the athame for magickal rites and spellcasting.

Excerpted from The Witch's Master Grimoire: Encyclopedia of Charms, Spells, Formulas and Magickal Rites by Lady Sabrina




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