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The Wand

In practice, the wand is the primary working tool of the Witch.  It represents his or her rod of power and authority.  During ritual, the wand becomes and extension of the Witch's magickal jurisdiction.  Personal power is forced through the wand, with a laser-like intensity, toward a specific target.  When the psychic energy and target meet, activation occurs, and the Witch's intentions are set into motion.

The wand, like every magickal tool, has a distinctive character and represents a specific action, thought or emotion. In Witchcraft, the wand is associated with the elements of Air, which is symbolic of the mind, the intellect, and communication.  It provides the Witch with a means of channeling abstract thought forms, as well as energy onto the material plane.  Once the thought form takes shape and is energized, it will become the medium to manifest desire.

The main reason the wand is so popular is its simplicity.  There is nothing complicated or difficult to understand about its construction or purpose.  The wand is simply a tool for channeling energy from the spiritual plane to the material plane.

A wand is very easy to make.  A small branch (ash or oak is best) with a crystal or favorite rock attached, wrapped in leather, works nicely.  A simple copper tube with crystals, amethyst, or rose quartz connected to the ends produces a wonderful energy conductor.  Brass tubing found in most craft shops has all sorts of possibilities, and even wooden dowels from a lumber store can, with some imagination, be turned into elegant wands.

I'm fortunate to have a variety of wands, some of the most beautiful construction you can imagine. But, one of my most treasured wands is a simple stick.  What makes it so special is where it originated from.  A friend who recently visited Brittany and Carnac (home to Arthurian legends and the world's most notable megaliths constructed by pre-Celtic civilization, respectively), gleaned a stone and said stick from this area just for me. Forget the souvenirs from the gift shop...bring me back a mossy tidbit from the forest floor!

Consecration of the Wand

Items needed:  One white candle, bowl of salt, bowl of water, sandalwood incense, wand.

Perform this ritual during the waxing moon.  Light the white candle and the sandalwood incense as you say:
Let now the powers of life and light
Bless and protect me on this night

Pick up the wand and sprinkle it with salt, pass it through the incense smoke and candle flame and then sprinkle it with water as you say:
Forces of good, of life and of light,
Descend into my wand this night
For this is a tool of my sacred art
So your powers I ask, now impart.
With the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Sea,
I now baptize, bless and consecrate thee!
My will be done, So Mote It Be.


Excerpted from The Witch's Master Grimoire: Encyclopedia of Charms, Spells, Formulas and Magickal Rites by Lady Sabrina



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