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Certain Herbs May Kill Cancer Cells

Dr. Ramneet Kaur of Columbus State University is working with four students to study the effects of several herbs and spices as potential therapies for triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) and androgen-independent prostate cancer (AIPC). Among them are ginger, turmeric, various berries, garlic, grapefruit and lemon peel, with turmeric and ashwagandha leading in efficacy in killing TNBC cells. There is also some evidence to suggest they may inhibit other cancer stem cells as well.

Dr. Kaur points out that although these natural agents work slower and more gently than pharmaceutical drugs, they are better tolerated and present fewer side effects than conventional treatments, such as chemotherapy.

“When patients are on chemotherapy," she explains, "those drugs cannot differentiate whether it’s a normal [cell] or it’s a cancer cell … so that is why people get very sick."

At this time, precise therapeutic dosages and all potential side effects and drug interactions involved with these botanicals have not been established. However, many of these herbs and spices have been used by different systems of healing for centuries. It should also be noted that some of these herbs are commonly used in Indian and other world cuisines, and are known to offer anti-inflammatory benefits. There is a growing body of scientific evidence that indicates chronic inflammation may lead to an increased risk of developing cancer.

Dr. Kaur is committed to her goal of identifying effective cancer therapies with less toxicity than chemotherapy, and expects the results of this analysis to be published early next year.

by Karyn Maier


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