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Coconut & Lemongrass Body Wash

Coconut & Lemongrass Body Wash Many store-bought shower gels and body washes contain questionable ingredients, such as parabens, pesticides (oh, yes) and synthetic fragrances. Because words like "natural" currently have no regulatory definition, manufacturers freely use them as marketing spin to make you believe that their products are made from all-natural ingredients when it may contain only a few drops of essential oil -- and even that may be synthetically derived. It's so easy to make your own body wash from just a few simple ingredients that you'll wonder why you've waited so long! Ingredients ? cup liquid castile soap 1/4 cup coconut milk (from a can) ¼ cup raw honey 2 teaspoons oil sweet almond oil 2 teaspoons vegetable glycerin 15 drops lemongrass essential oil 1 teaspoon vitamin E oil Combine all ingredients in a clean container with a spout lid (a recycled shampoo bottle works great here). Give a gently shake before each use.

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