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The Call

"The call often begins very softly. Many of us try to ignore it until we have no choice but to listen. It can be an irritating, nagging feeling of dissatisfaction, an inner realization that there is something we need to do but don't know quite what. It can be a remembering of some childhood purpose or mission. Synchronistic events in life can signal such a a call. The call comes from the Soul, urging us on in our personal process of individuation. It can be a call to deepen into Spirit, rediscover and embody repressed talents, heal wounded parts of ourselves, and be of service."


Sylvia Shaindel Senensky






Synchronicity is a term coined by Carl Jung and refers to events that occur independently of each other but that appear to be so symbolically significant in meaning to each other that they are perceived as being related. In other words, "meaningful coincidences." Example: You're  at the park with a friend and begin describing a dream you had about cats when a feline suddenly appears from the bushes. In this case, the synchronistic event (the dream) prepared you for the physical event that was about to happen. At other times, synchronicity brings something or somone into your life, perhaps to replace what was lost (a job, a relationship, etc.).


In any case, the universe responds to your desire for change and delivers new experiences. But remember...the universe "reads" vibrational frequencies that you send out and the power of creation resides within you. At times, we may feel uncertain or confused about what we truly want. Synchronistic events are like breadcrumbs that leave a trail to what it is that we're in the process of creating at the time, whether we're consciously aware of it or not.



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