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Sleepy Time Tincture

Herbal Remedy for Insomnia

For those occasional bouts of insomnia, this herbal formula can do wonders. At the same time, take steps to reduce stress and promote relaxation -- meditation, yoga or tai chi are all good options.




2 parts hawthorn berries

2 parts hops flowers

1 part skullcap

1 part passionflower

1 part catnip




Place herbs in a clean Mason jar or other glass container with a tight-fitting lid. Cover the herbs completely with vodka. Place the jar  in a cool, dark place for 4-6 weeks. (Note that you may have to add more vodka as the botanical materials may absorb a lot of the liquid. You want to keep the herbs covered with alcohol to deter fermentation.) Strain; reserving the liquid in a measuring cup or bowl. Pour the finished tincture into clean amber glass dropper bottles.


To use: Take 2 dropperfuls 30 minutes in warm water or herbal tea (no caffeine, please!) before you plan to retire for the night, followed by 2 more just before turning out the light. Sweet dreams!








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