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Sage Citrus Cooling Spritz

by Kori of Mountain Rose Herbs

Make a Sage Infusion

3 teaspoons dried organic sage

½ cup hot water


Steep the sage in the hot water in a small bowl, covered. Let cool to room temperature. 


To Make the Spritz

Mix 3 Tablespoons organic Witch Hazel Extract, the sage infusion, and 4-6 drops tangerine, sweet orange or lime essential oil. Shake this together and store in a 4 oz. dark jar or spritz bottle.


To Use

You can spray this lightly on your face (avoid eye area), or use as a all over body spray. For a sudden sneak attack of heat, spritz each wrist and/or the back of the neck and gently rub in. Alternately, you can apply the sage solution with a cotton ball.



Get organic witch hazel extract, organic sage and a small spray bottle to make this...




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