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How to Make Herb Infused Sugar

Infused sugars are perfect for any time of year, but especially for spring and summer tea parties. You can create different flavors by experimenting with varied ingredients, such as whole vanilla beans, coffee beans, dried fruit peels and different herbs. Infused sugars make terrific gifts that are easily personalized with a handmade gift tag tied on with raffia or homespun ribbon. Attaching a recipe for cookies or other treat that uses the infused sugar is another special touch.


Fill a clean container with a tight-fitting lid about half way with organic sugar (turbinado is nice). Add a layer of flavoring ingredient (chopped vanilla bean, coffee beans, lavender flowers, or whatever you're using). Top off with a little more sugar. Seal and let the sugar infuse for two weeks, or until you feel the scent and flavor has developed fully.



Use organic lavender flowers, vanilla beans and other herbs to make this...



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