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Yourself as a Being of Light

I suggest that you view yourself as a being of light, a fast moving energy system that has the capacity to make darkness disappear. You are the carrier of this light. You radiate this light wherever you go and you are able to help yourself and others triumph over darkness.


In addition to thinking of light as a fast moving energy vibration, I would like you to consider light as an attitude. That is, you can choose to either think light or think dark. When you are thinking light you bring to any set of problems an uncontaminated clarity that can dissolve difficulties.

Perhaps you have heard someone talk of surrounding a friend or loved one with white light in times of perceived potential darkness. These comments reflect an awareness that light is protective and pure, and that it can protect someone from dangerous and harmful energies. Putting white light around a loved one is another way of sending loving thoughts and trusting in the energetic thoughts to assist in keeping the person safe. These are thoughts of light, wherein you choose to think of a loving light, visualizing it being sent by you to do the work of spirit. Intuitively we know that thoughts of light will dispel darkness just as surely as turning on a light switch will illuminate a dark room.


Wayne Dyer
There Is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem


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