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Vanilla ~ Spice Diffuser Blend

a Mountain Rose Herbs recipe

This blend combines the sweetness of vanilla with the brightness of orange and the spicy warmth of nutmeg.


42 drops organic Cinnamon essential oil
42 drops organic Orange essential oil
25 drops organic Vanilla Absolute (roughly 1/4 teaspoon)
17 drops organic Nutmeg essential oil


Blending Directions and Tips
Add all essential oils to a glass bottle. One 1/4 oz bottle will hold any of these blends. Screw cap on tightly and invert the bottle to blend the oils. Do not shake! Allow the blend to sit for a couple of hours, smell test, and make any adjustments to your liking.


Vanilla Absolute is a very thick oil. The container can be placed in a bowl of hot water to make it easier to work with. This will not effect the aroma and the oil with thicken again as it cools. It may be easier to use a measuring spoon for this oil.


Diffusing Directions
Fill your essential oil diffuser reservoir with water. Add 5-6 drops of the essential oil blend. Light a tea candle in the base of your diffuser and enjoy as your space fills with the yummy aroma! If you are using an Electric Diffuser or our new Ultrasonic Diffuser, please follow the included directions.





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