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Trust Your Vision

Trust your vision of the world and express it. With wonder and delight, paint a picture, create a dance, write a book, and make up a song. To give expression to your creative impulses is as natural as your breathing. Create in your own language, imagery, and movement. Follow no script. Do not be limited by the customary way things have been expressed. Your creative intuition is original. Gather all of life into your inner crucible, mix it with your unique vision and experience, and produce an original creation. Refuse to color inside someone else's lines. The originality of the universe pulsates through you. Be full of yourself.


Patricia Lynn Reilly


Art by Bohemiart (Jillian Schneider)




Creativity isn't limited to words or images on paper, movement or song. What ways can you bring boundless creation into other areas of your life, such as parenting, intimate relationships, how you garden, cook or tell a story? How can you invite others to trust in their vision and originality?


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