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Tarot Readings

Get a Tarot Reading with the Herbal Tarot

Are you seeking clarity about one or more aspects in your life? The tarot is a useful tool that can help to bridge an understanding between the roots of your foundation, the events in your recent past, the challenges that are influencing your path right now and what to expect in the near future. More importantly, the tarot can reveal what actions are needed to meet these challenges successfully to ensure the best outcome for all.


If this is your first reading, or your first time getting a tarot reading here, you may be wondering what to expect. I use The Herbal Tarot deck and have done so, exclusively, for a number of years. Doing so allows me to make recommendations in terms of integrating the beneficial properties of certain plants into your reading, as well as suggest positive affirmations to assist you on your path. 

When you request a reading, you will be asked to provide basic information to help me get a "read" on you  -- your first name, date of birth (month and date only). When you complete your order request, you will also have an opportunity to ask a specific question or to ask me to focus on a particular area in your life -- love, career, health, etc. Please be 18 years of age or older and allow adequate time to prepare your reading. Generally, you can expect a response within a few days (Monday through Friday). Your reading will be sent to the e-mail address you provide when you order, so make sure it's a valid one!


A final word about readings: If your question pertains to infidelity, violence or other actions you are considering or already undertaking that violate karmic and/or man-imposed laws, please look within yourself or seek professional counseling to find answers. You won't get validation or the "go-ahead" on these types of situations from a reading.


Ready to gain insight into your life? Let's get started.


Available Spreads


Elemental Spread ~ This layout relates to how the aspects of the four elements - plus Spirit - are integrated into your spiritual, emotional, physical and material life, and how to use these energies to manifest your goals.


Medicine Wheel Moon Spread ~ This 5-card layout reveals your present situation in terms of your inner perceptions, and the areas  that need attention in order to bring all aspects of yourself into balance to effect desired change in your physical life.


Medicine Wheel Sun Spread ~ This layout is used when there is a specific question or issue that needs clarification.


Celtic Spread ~ This 10-card layout provides more detailed information about your current situation and what is blocking your full potential, the influence of the past, what is indicated for the near future and the ultimate outcome to expect.



















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