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Sage Stinky Shoe Tamer

We all have an attachment to one or more pairs of broken-in, comfy footwear, whether it be slippers, sneakers or boots. But, like well-worn socks, shoes that find their way to our feet with frequency can suffer from foot odor - and so do the noses around you. Here, sage comes to rescue. It works overnight while your feet rest between sheets and your shoes are ready to go in the morning.

Sage is a very effective odor neutralizer and, as an added bonus, also has antibacterial properties to bust up those odor-causing germs. This herbal blend only takes a few ingredients and is ready to go to work right away. Use this formula for slippers, shoes, winter boots, summer hiking boots and other athletic footwear. Tip: If you have a few mismatched socks hanging around longing for mates that will likely never return, this is a chance to give them a new purpose. Ingredients 1 cup baking soda 1 cup dried sage 25 drops sage essential oil 2 large muslin bags (or repurposed socks) Directions Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Distribute the mixture evenly between the bags/socks and tie each off with a knot, rubber band or string. Place one bag/sock inside each shoe. If you have several pairs of shoes or boots that need freshening, increase the ingredients accordingly.

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