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Bedtime Tub Tea

When the day has been long and your body and soul are in need of restoration, immerse yourself in a tub of warm water infused with this herbal blend. The fragrance will renew your senses while the sea salt soothes tired muscles and softens skin.


½ cup coarse sea salt

4 drops pettigrain essential oil

½ cup organic dried rose petals

¼ cup organic lavender buds

¼ cup organic hops flowers


Combine the sea salt and essential oil in a small bowl; set aside. In another bowl, gently stir together the rose petals, lavender and hops. Add the scented sea salt and stir to mix. Transfer to a muslin bag and close the tie. To use, toss into the tub while it is filling with warm water – just like steeping tea. Enjoy!

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