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Lavender Honey

Herb-infused honey is a flavorful addition to tea and can be used in baked goods or in any recipe that calls for honey. It’s equally delicious drizzled over pancakes, poached fruit or even ice cream.

Herbal honey is also medicinal. In fact, honey is one of the best humectants available for the skin and has antibacterial and other healing qualities that can benefit eczema, psoriasis, diabetic ulcers and other inflammatory conditions. Similarly, lavender contains antimicrobial compounds that decrease inflammation and speed healing.

Note: Many recipes for herb-infused honeys call for gently heating the honey and herbs over a double boiler for up to an hour. While this method is certainly time-saving, be aware that heat can easily destroy the enzymes that make honey the "super" food that it is.

Other tips: Use a light, mild honey such as clover or wildflower. Increase recipe proportions to make a larger batch for gift-giving.


1 cup local raw honey

3 tablespoons dried organic lavender flowers


Pour the honey into a clean glass jar with a tight-fitting lid, like a one-pint canning jar. Add the lavender flowers and stir. Cap the jar and let the honey infuse for two weeks, turning once or twice a day. Strain off the herbs, reserving the honey. Transfer to a clean pantry jar or other glass container, cap and label. Makes ½ pint.

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