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DIY Lavender Dryer Sheets

DIY Lavender Dryer Sheets This alternative to chemical-laden, store-bought dryer sheets that end up at the landfill couldn't be easier to make or use -- and reuse! Making these also presents an opportunity to finally give new life and purpose to that basket or box of fabric scraps that have been hanging around for some time. Tip: The best fabric choice for dryer sheets is flannel. You'll also need a suitable container with a tight-fitting lid to store the moist "sheets" in. 1/2 cup distilled vinegar 20 drops organic lavender essential oil fabric scraps, cut into squares and stacked Pour the vinegar into your selected container. Add the essential oil and stir to blend. Place the stack of fabric squares into the container, pressing down slightly to encourage the absorption of liquid. The idea is to have enough in the stack to pull up most but not quite all of the vinegar solution. Snap on the lid and you're done! To use, remove a square of cloth and wring, if necessary, to remove excess liquid. Toss into the dryer with wet laundry. Then return the cloth to the bottom of the container to be used again, adding more vinegar-essential oil as needed.

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