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She Who Heals

Mother, sing me a song

That will ease my pain,

Mend broken bones,

Bring wholeness again.


Catch my babies

When they are born,

Sing my death song,

Teach me how to mourn.


Show me the medicine

Of the healing herbs,

The value of spirit,

The way I can serve.


Mother, heal my heart

So that I can see

The gifts of yours

That can live through me. 



She Who Heals, the Clan Mother of the Eighth Moon Cycle, shows humankind that every act of life is a cycle or step on the path to healing. When we learn how to let go of our need to hold onto the past, we heal our formerly limited potential for growth. When we find courage and faith inside ourselves, we can heal our fear of the future. When we refuse to mentally degrade ourselves or another, the mind clears and allows us to be present – conscious of everything that is happening in the moment. These are all examples of healing the fragments of our lives that need to come into wholeness. When we go beyond places where we have become numb, we feel life again. When we learn to feel again, we can heal.


Jamie Sams, Earth Medicine: Ancestor's Ways of Harmony for Many Moons


Art by Susan Seddon-Boulet



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