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Organic Herb Seeds & Sprouting Seeds

in association with Mountain Rose Herbs

Organic Medicinal Herb Seeds

These non-gmo organic herb seeds are titled "Strictly Medicinal" and come from the folks at Horizon. All of these medicinal seeds are certified organically grown with the exception to a few of the species. The few that are not certified organic were wild gathered seeds and harvested in their natural environment with great respect to the region and ecology of the gathering area by herbal medicine author Richo Cech. All seeds are guaranteed fertile and true to species with planting and germination instructions on each packet. View All Seeds

Organic Sprouting Seeds

Grow your own all natural sprouts from organic sprouting seeds to enjoy fresh for salads and sandwiches. Sprouting seeds are very easy to grow and are economical -- a single pound of sprouting seed will typically produce nearly five pounds of delicious, nutritious sprouts! All sprouting seeds are certified organic and Kosher.


Looking for sprouting tools and supplies? Find everything you need here.


A Kid’s Guide to Growing Medicinal Plants
Kid's Guide to Growing Medicinal Herbs

Kit includes Kidzherbs written and illustrated by Sena Cech. In this booklet, Sena and her mouse, Cheesie, give you a tour of her garden of medicinal herbs. Full of cartoon and botanical illustrations, stories and recipes.

Lifeline Medicinal Seeds Kit
Organic Seeds for Herb Garden Kit

This conveniently packaged set of seeds is a great foundation primer for those wishing to start a medicinal herb garden. Each packet of seeds is certified organic through OTCO.

Each kit also includes 12 packets of seeds from Sena’s garden (organically grown of course). Anise (50 seeds), Basil (50 seeds), Borage (15 seeds), Calendula (35 seeds), California Poppy (100 seeds), Catnip (100 seeds), Chamomile (150 seeds), Feverfew (100 seeds), Flax (100 seeds), Johnny Jump-Up (25 seeds), Lemon Balm (50 seeds) and Love-in-a-Mist (10 seeds). Order this kit.



Each kit contains 1 packet of each: Astragulus (50 seeds), Holy Basil (50 seeds), Burdock (100 seeds), Calendula (50 seeds), German Chamomile (500 seeds), Echinacea purpurea (200 seeds), Elecampane (100 seeds), Evening primrose (200 seeds), Flax (200 seeds), Lemon Balm (100 seeds), Marshmallow (100 seeds), Motherwort (100 seeds), Nettles (200 seeds), Cayenne pepper (50 seeds), Sage (100 seeds), Valerian (100 seeds), Wood Betony (100 seeds), Yarrow (200 seeds). Get yours while supplies last!







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