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Mom's Last Nerve Tonic

a Mountain Rose Herbs Recipe

The oat tops in this recipe provide mild nourishment to strengthen the nerves. Both oats and skullcap are indicated for nervousness, exhaustion, some types of headaches, and restless sleep. Skullcap is also anti-spasmodic and helps relax tense muscles. Holy basil is an important adaptogenic herb valued in Ayurveda (Indian) medicine for its antioxidant properties.



½ organic Milky Oat Tops tincture

¼ organic Skullcap tincture

¼ organic Holy Basil tincture



You can make your own individual herb tinctures and mix them according to the ratio above, or blend pre-made tinctures in a glass dropper bottle. Take 3 droppers up to three times a day.



Get organically made herbal tinctures to make this tonic ...

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