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Natural Lemony Bleach Alternative

Many people don't realize that liquid bleach is not a synthetic product but is actually a chemical compound that consists of naturally occuring agents -- sodium, chlorine and oxygen. In fact, hydrogen peroxide is essentially "bleach" without the chlorine component. This simple formula disinfects and whitens clothes as well as the chlorinated version, but is easier on the skin and lungs (note that we do not recommend testing this theory).



2 cups hydrogen peroxide
½ cup fresh lemon juice (do not substitute vinegar!)
1 tablespoon citric acid powder (aka sour salt)
15-20 drops lemon essential oil
12 cups filtered or distilled water



Combine the first five ingredients in a gallon jug, gently swirling to dissolve the citric acid powder. Add the water, replace the cap and give a turn or two to mix. Use as a general disinfect for kitchen and bathroom surfaces applied from a spray bottle, or measure 1 1/2 to 2 cups per load of whites as a laundry booster.



Get citric acid powder and lemon essential oil to make this ...




DIY bleach alternative recipe
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