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Magickal Properties of Clear Quartz Crystal

Quartz is certainly beautiful too look at, but it has other properties to admire. It cleanses, heals, amplifies and channels energy and increases perception -- and you can learn how to harness its powers.

The word "crystal" is taken from the Greek "krystallos," which means ice. The ancient Greeks believed that clear quartz was literally a form of ice somehow fixed in a permanent frozen state. 

Clear quartz is associated with enhancing psychic abilities, spiritual communication and to promote healing. This is because the gemstone is a natural conductor of energy, which is why it used to power your watch and  electrical equipment. Crystal balls are made from quartz because the material serves as a window into other dimensions, granting the viewer clear vision to determine the cause of an illness, learn of potential solutions to current obstacles and to receive other information. 


Just as clear quartz is compared to glass, it also has properties similar to water in the sense that it cleanses or washes away negative vibrations from the body and the environment. Quartz is thought to bridge the physical and ethereal worlds, giving its user a glimpse into past and future times, events and places. For this reason, clear quartz is used to assist the traveler in astral projection and psychic dream journeys.


Wearing Quartz as Jewelry


Because quartz enhances powers of perception, it is best worn near the head -- short pendants, earrings, etc.


Using Quartz to Aid Psychic Abilities

~ Gently rub or hold quartz against your brow to "light up" your crown chakra, the energy center located at the top of your head.

~ Meditate in a prone position with a piece of clear quartz positioned at your crown chakra while concentrating on expanding awareness.

~ Gain inspiration and insight by placing quartz against your third eye, which is located at the center of your forehead. 

~ Hold quartz in your palm before sleep or place it under your pillow to enhance psychic dreams and your ability to remember them.


Quartz is piezoelectric, which means it disperses negative energy from its surrounding environment because it produces an electric charge when compressed.


~ Carry quartz to repel negative energy away from you, cleanse your environment and shield you from the effects of daily stress.

~ Place a quartz crystal on top of your computer to keep it running smoothly. 


Healing with Quartz


 ~ Just as quartz channels psychic energy, it also draws and directs positive, healing energy toward the site of dis-ease. This is why clear quartz is the gemstone most often used to make healing wands (usually combined with copper). 

~ Rub or hold a piece of quartz against the afflicted area of the body while visualizing bright, warm, golden-white light traveling up from the Earth and along the spine, through your heart and out along the arms and through the crystal. Quartz will magnify the healing energy as it travels through the affected area. 

~ Clear blocked chakra channels by passing quartz crystal over each energy center to "wash" them clean.




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Just as quartz channels radio waves, it gathers and directs psychic energies. 

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