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Love Your Wounds

Love your wounds, they reveal what matters most to you, what your deepest soul longing is and what you came to heal in the collective. That is why we chose to incarnate into the families and situations we did, so that we could experience that affliction, and take it on as our own and then rise above it for All...


Love your so-called flaws, they are spiritual jewels that mark our journey and reveal where we let go of the physical to embrace the spiritual fully. It connects us to the deeper soul journey ~ wisdom, maturity, depth and transcendence. We are programmed to see them as flaws, when they are an initiation into the deeper mysteries.


Love your dysfunctions and the things that cause you to lose friends, successes or throw you into life lessons. They help us to find humor, wisdom, liberation and our inner child and this releases us from caring so much about what others think and allows us to find a deeper love of self and rise above the judgments of others.

Love your pain, it teaches forgiveness, tolerance, patience and it gives us the humility we need to unite together in higher consciousness and integrity... It shows us our healing power and how to transform, face our demons and get real with who we truly are and what we need to share and express.


Love your insecurities, they are a part of our genius and higher aspects of self that have just been shut down or unsupported. They show us our gifts and creativity and help us to let go, take risks and be comfortable in our own skin with our own boundaries and standards.


Love your Ego/identity when in crisis, let it be a compass pointed at your higher self, so that all actions, words, decisions and behaviors, reflect the nature of your divine blueprint. It shows us how to remove masks, programmings and ancestral patterns. It teaches us where we abuse free-will and reminds us of how to be authentic, powerful, influential and an example...


Love and honor these things in self and each other and focus on where it can take you and what it truly means, instead of how it makes one look and how it seems. When we see Truth, we see perfection in all things and we know how to find our way home...


Laura Magdalena Eisenhower


Art by Mario Sánchez Nevado



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