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Looks Far Woman

Mother, teach me how to see
The shining lights of stars,
The faces of the Ancestors,
In worlds both near and far.

Show me how to welcome
The visions appearing to me,
Seeing the truth in detail,
Unraveling each mystery.

Walk me through the Dreamtime
Of altered time and space,
That I may share those visions
With every creed and race.

Doorkeeper of all dimensions,
I seek your Medicine ways
Of how to earth my visions,
Seeing truth, inside me, today.

Jamie Sams, The 13 Original Clan Mothers





Looks Far Woman is the Clan Mother of the fourth moon cycle. During this moon cycle, ask Looks Far Woman to be your guide as you journey in your dreams and visions. This Clan Mother asks us to "See the Truth" - not with our eyes or with judgment, but with our inner knowing. She wants us to become healed healers, wise women who know to recognize and receive  psychic impressions when they are given, and who also how to create and observe appropriate boundaries. Practicing meditation, lucid dreaming and keeping a journal would be helpful at this time.



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