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Lavender Body Powder

It's incredibly easy to make your own herbal body powder! Use this recipe as a base formula  and adjust the ingredients according to your preference in fragrance.



1 cup kaolin clay

2 cups arrowroot powder

1/2 cup powdered lavender flowers

10-12 drops lavender essential oil



Combine all the powders together in a glass or ceramic bowl. Add the essential oil and mix thoroughly. (The clay is extremely absorbent and may form clumps when you add the essential oil. If this happens, put the mixture through a sieve to remove any clumps and ensure a smooth texture.) Store the powder in a glass jar for 1-2 weeks, or until the fragrance develops to your satisfaction. Transfer into small jars or tins and label.



Get all the organic ingredients and jars or tins you need to make this ...




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