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How to Make Herbal Aroma Sprays

by Mountain Rose Herbs Staff

With the recent popularity in aromatherapy and related products falling under the guise of aromatherapy, we felt it was time to share some of the basics involved with preparing the easily crafted aroma spray.


Most aroma sprays typically cost around $9-12.00 for a small 1 to 4 ounce bottle. From experience we can tell you that most of those dollars were used for packaging, marketing, labor, advertising etc, and very little went into the raw goods. In fact, you can make your own that is ostensibly superior, more economical, and a creation that merits pride and fosters happiness. The sheer value of experimentation is priceless and some of the greatest blends of our time have been created by accident.


First, create a list of oils you think may combine well and be certain that you are aware of any potential hazards or precautions involved with those oils.

1.  Mix your choice of oils (usually in equal proportions) in a separate glass container, bottle or vial.
2.  Get an 8 ounce plastic bottle or container, and fill it up with 7 ounces of spring water, and 1 ounce of Witch Hazel extract. (Alcohol Distilled)

3. Pour 1 ml of your essential oil blend into the 8 ounce container and shake vigorously.

The oils may separate a little bit, but if the Witch Hazel extract is doing its job, there should be very little separation. If this occurs, simply shake well before each use.


Of course this recipe is completely arbitrary and the amount of oil you choose to put in the water is completely up to you.

Blending the base foundation for a recipe is the most enjoyable part of creation!


PLEASE NOTE: Make sure the container you end up putting the final product in prevents the materials inside from being contaminated from light. An amber, cobalt blue or green glass container will work fine. And also be sure to attach an atomizer, mister or spray pump for easy dissipation of contents. You can get real creative by making blends for the kitchen (Basil, Oregano, or Fennel) or one for the bathroom (Geranium, Chamomile, or Spearmint) or one for your pets area (Bay, Peppermint or Eucalyptus). Always shake well before using, and store in the refrigerator.



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