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Herbal Dryer Sachets

Written in part, by Mountain Rose Herbs

Photo by Mountain Rose Herbs

Conventional dryer sheets contain synthetic fragrances and other chemicals that have been linked to cancer as well as disorders of the brain and nervous system. Because they're designed with convenience in mind instead of conscience, these sheets pile up in our landfills where they not only take up space and refuse to biodegrade, but they may also leech chemicals into the environement.


You can easily make your own from natural materials for a lot less than the cost of buying conventional dryer sheets. Plus, they're reusable!


Materials Needed


Cotton Muslin Bags

Organic herbs of choice

Organic essential oils of choice (optional)



Fill the muslin bags with the herbs of your choice. Lavender is a popular and well-loved classic which helps relax and calm. Peppermint and Rosemary are rejuvenating, and helpful for studying and other mental tasks. Dried Lemon, Lemongrass, and Orange peel all smell fresh, citrusy, and clean.  Eucalyptus is beneficial for colds and sinus conditions. Other popular choices include soothing Chamomile flowers, floral Rose petals, romantic Geranium leaves, and woodsy Cedar tips.


You may add a few drops of essential oils, but do so sparingly and cautiously as essential oils are flammable and potentially dangerous. Each dryer sachet can be used up to 10 times, or until it loses its scent. Before each use, remove the sachet from the dryer and squeeze it to help release its scent.  Once the sachet no longer imparts fragrance, the spent herbs can be composted and the bag refilled with fresh herbs. Use homemade sachets in the same way you would use the commercial variety – simply toss it into the dryer with your clean clothes.



Get the organic herbs, essential oils and muslin bags needed to make this project ...




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