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Organic Herbal Supplements, Extracts & Tinctures

in association with Mountain Rose Herbs

Quality single herbal supplements and combination herbal supplements, herbal extracts and herbal tinctures made in keeping with the full-spectrum, or whole herb philosophy. At times, a few glycerites may also be available, which are alcohol-free herbal preparations suitable for children,  pets and adults who wish to avoid  alcohol. All other formulas are made with organic grain alcohol.

Herbal bitters, syrups and elixers are a traditional and simple way to support and enhance health naturally.

Herbal sprays are an easy way to quickly deliver pain or itch relief where it's needed. Convenient amber mister bottles makes them portable, too.

Made with whole, organic herbs. Whenever organically grown material is not available, ethically wild harvested material is used instead.

Made from organic or wildharvested material, in solar-infused herbal oil and in a base of natural beeswax. No artificial ingredients, no synthetics, no petroleum products and no dyes or perfumes.

Expertly formulated and blended from certified organic materials or wild crafted herbs and flowers. Ideal for massage, body care and cosmetic preparations.



Herbal tinctures and extracts are a convenient way to take your medicine. Take as-is, or add to tea, juice or yogurt. Choose single herb, combination herb or alcohol-free glycerites (if available).

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