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Healing Trauma:
What it really takes to liberate your brilliance.

As children we were wide open and vulnerable, without boundaries and depending completely on adults for survival. It’s inevitable that as children we experienced some degree of trauma. This is unavoidable; part and parcel of being human. Some of us experienced trauma through a form of actual abuse and some of us just by virtue of how the limited cognitive abilities of a child’s mind may interpret adult behavior as abandoning.

The most exciting part of the human experience is the creative potential that awaits in the center of our wounds waiting to be accessed and embodied.

If we choose to stay unconscious and unaware of our wounds and how they affect our present lives, we remain handicapped by the fog of projection and the cognitive distortions of our early experiences. However, If we choose to lean into our pain for the sake of transformation and address our wounds directly, we have the potential to live lives beyond what you can currently imagine where joy, love and peace are the primary reality we experience.

Bethany Webster

Art by Michael Shapcott


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