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Symbolism of feathers

My Elders taught me that feathers represent lofty ideals and the grace of inspiration that is based in truth. The straight quill of the feather shows us that the path of the truth is constant and does not deviate.


Inside any seeker of truth there is a longing for spiritual awakening. In the Native American culture, we are taught that the Spirits ride the wind. Wind, found in humans, is called the breath. When we breathe air into our bodies we are able to access the creative inspiration we need. Allowing Spirit to use the breath, to enter our physical forms, is illuminating. The same Spirit is a part of the wind that lifts the wings of the Eagle, soaring high. Of all the Earth Mother’s creatures, eagles fly closest to the light of Grandfather Sun, illuminating lofty ideals and purity of purpose.


If you long for the extraordinary experiences in life, it may be time to breathe more. Allow the aliveness of Spirit to access your body. You may be surprised when you become inspired for flight.


Jamie Sams, Earth Medicine


Art by Albrecht Durer (1471–1528)



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