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Bliss Tea

a Mountain Rose Herbs Recipe

This tea is perfect for anyone whose nerves could use a bit of pampering. Skullcap and oat tops are the go-to herbs to ease anxiety, calm nerves and promote a sense of wellbeing during times of stress. Raspberry leaf is a traditional tonic herb for women that’s abundant in nutrients, including iron, manganese and niacin. The inclusion of roses, vanilla and cinnamon lends a spicy but floral finish.



2 parts organic Skullcap Leaf

2 parts organic Oat Tops

1 part organic Raspberry Leaf

1 part organic Rose Buds

½ part organic chopped Vanilla Beans

¼ part organic Cinnamon Chips



Mix all ingredients together until the herbs are evenly distributed and place in a lidded glass container. Store in a cabinet away from heat, moisture, and light. To make a cup of Mom’s Bliss Tea, pour 1 cup of just boiling water over 1 tablespoon of the herb mixture. Allow to steep for 5 to 10 minutes, strain, and enjoy.



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