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Herbs and spices do a lot more than just perk up the flavor of food. They contain phytochemicals from nature's pharmacy that can enhance health and wellbeing and even help to prevent serious disorders, including cancer. Check this list of simple and creative ways to get more herbs and spices into your life.


Always get the "go-ahead" from your health care provider if you have a chronic condition or if you take pharmaceutical medications before adding therapeutic dosages of herbs to your regimen. For most people, however, the normal culinary use of herbs is perfectly safe and still beneficial.


Check out these simple, creative and flavorful ways to get more herbs and spices into your life!            




1. Add Lavender flowers to shortbread, cupcake, and ice cream recipes for a floral twist.


2. Use Dulse, Kelp, Wakame, and other seaweeds in soups or make gomasio and use as a salt substitute.


3. Grind Cardamom or Cacao Nibs with your coffee beans and brew for a unique treat.


4. Make your own Vanilla Extract using Vanilla Beans and Vodka or Rum.


5. Rehydrate organic Shiitake and Maitake mushrooms, roast in the oven with salt and olive oil, and add to soups.


6. Use Cinnamon sticks in coffee, tea, or hot toddy drinks as a stir stick.


7. Make homemade Chai with Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves, Cardamom, Vanilla, and Black Peppercorns.


8. Freeze Rose petals or Calendula flowers in ice cubes and add to your iced tea.


9. Add Curry powder to omelettes and tofu scrambles and top with a mint yogurt sauce.


10. Mix Pumpkin Pie Spice and raw local honey into cream cheese for a delicious bagel spread.


11. Sprinkle Smoked Sea Salt on creamy pasta dishes with heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil.


12. Mix Chives and Chilies into cornbread recipes for a spicy kick.


13. Swirl your favorite Culinary Oils, Salts, Peppercorns, and Seasoning Blends together to create unique baguette dipping experiences. Try a delicious combination of Pumpkin Seed Oil, Smoked Sea Salt, and West Indies Rub!


14. Use Stevia leaf powder instead of sugar to sweeten tea, coffee, and baked goods.


15. Add Juniper Berries to meat, tofu, or tempeh marinades.


16. Use whole Mustard seeds in salad dressings, marinades, or make homemade mustard.


17. Add Lemongrass to coconut curries and soups.


18. Use Rosemary, Garlic, and Black Pepper or Thai Curry seasoning on baked potato wedges.


19. Infuse local honey with Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme, Rose Petals, Ginger, Sage, Vanilla Beans, or Red Chili Peppers.


20. Grind fresh Nutmeg on pies, crisps, squash soups, and ice cream. 


21. Make herbal infused salts with Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, or Chili Pepper - or infuse sugar with Vanilla Beans, Roses, Lemon Peel, Ginger, or Lavender.


22. Sprinkle a few crystals of Himalayan Pink Salt or Cayenne on homemade chocolate truffles.


23. Galangal is used in Asian cuisine and gives an earthy, yet spicy ginger-like note to soups and sauces.


24. Add Chinese 5 Spice to your vegetable stir fries, grilled tempeh, or stews for a spicy and warming meal.


25. Roll fresh local butter in Tarragon, Basil, Thyme, Dill, Chives, Oregano, and Marjoram and spread on warm bread.  


26. Use Fenugreek in curries, rice dishes, and in flatbread dough.


27. Add Anise seeds to biscotti or Italian pizzelle cookies for a traditional treat.


28. Make your own flavored spirits by soaking Black Peppercorns, Cacao Nibs, Vanilla, Lavender, Cinnamon, or Rosemary in vodka, rum, gin, brandy, or tequila.


29. Fennel seed is a classic sausage spice and common in Mediterranean bread recipes.


30. Add Caraway seeds to savory rye breads, crackers, sauerkraut, and soups.


31. Make a Licorice root infusion or use a pinch of the powder in recipes to add a natural sweetness.


32. Infuse red wine with oranges, Cinnamon sticks, whole Cloves, Star Anise Pods, honey, and apple cider.


33. Brew roasted Chicory Root and roasted Dandelion Root as a coffee substitute.


34. Mix Chives, Garlic, fresh ground Peppercorns, Spinach powder, and Ancho Pepper powder into sour cream for a party dip.


35. Use fresh or dried Cilantro in Mexican dishes, Thai and Indian curries, or Vietnamese Phở.


36. Make an infusion of Lemon balm and freeze into ice cubes for iced tea.


37. Add Coriander seed to curries, masalas, pickles, and barbecue rubs.


38. Use Dill Weed in sour cream and yogurt based dips and dressings, or use with seaweeds to create tofu faux fish patties.


39. Make a batch of Spiced Tea Eggs!


40. Add ground Cinnamon and Chia Seeds to smoothies and shakes.  


41. Infuse cream with Lemon Verbena to make ice creams and cheesecake recipes.


42. Use Turmeric in curries, tofu scrambles, and rice recipes.


43. Add Chili Pepper flakes and Herbs de Provence to spice up pizza, pasta, and calzones.


44. Use Celery Seed in stuffing recipes, creamy soups, blue cheese dressing, and Bloody Marys.


45. Add Thyme to roasted vegetables and red wine braises.


46. Use Smoked Paprika in barbecue rubs and savory cream sauces.


47. Add Sage leaves to gravies, brown butter sauces, and fancy grilled cheeses.


48. Make Chamomile, Rose, Lavender, Vanilla, or Cinnamon syrup for cocktails, coffee, or to drizzle on desserts.


49. Infuse apple cider vinegar with Italian Seasoning or with spices like Garlic, Ginger, or Cayenne.


50. Create unique pestos with unconventional ingredients like holy basil, sage, arugula, parsley, thyme, cilantro, lemon balm, jalapenos, Hemp Seeds, Pumpkin Seed Oil, or Black Lava Salt.




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